GJan releases a new single “Wasn’t Easy” together with official video


GJan returns with a new single called “Wasn’t Easy” released with official video. The song was composed by Greta Jančytė (songwriter and singer GJan) and produced by Rokas Jansonas.
“«Wasn’t Easy» is a song about the type of relationship, when one of the lovers doesn’t put any effort in it and the other is tired of being the one who’s giving up everything to save what they have. Obviously, the main character is a girl, and she doesn’t have any other choice just to leave him, so she pretends that she doesn’t care about their relationship anymore, but deep inside she still loves him. So it’s a big challenge for her to say goodbye and let him go.” said Greta
The video was shot near Bucharest, concept and directed by NGM Creative (Bogdan Paun – director, Alexandru Muresan), make-up Dana Petrina, outfit provided by Ioana Ciolacu, making of photo by Alex Chitu, styling by Magda Dork.
We shot a video for this song in a big and old palace near Bucharest. The palace looks amazing, but after Alex Chitu, the photographer told me that he just read an article that lots of people were killed in its basement, I started to see ghosts everywhere, I’m just kidding, but definitely, I felt that there is something scary and weird in the air. Despite this, I really like the video. So, I hope that our listeners will like the video too and of course the song!” Greta also said.

GJan previously released “Wild” with Global Records with a video directed by Roman Burlaca.
Greta Jančytė is a 21 year old artist whose debut singles “Not Afraid” and “Tattoo” have turned her into an artist known all over Lithuania.
After the release of “Tattoo”, all radio broadcasts have a heavy rotation and she starts having concerts.
This year, GJan will launch the album that includes the single “Wild” with Global Records.


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