Yogi & Trickster Queen -Shine (Video)


Yogi takes influence and inspiration from an eclectic source of sounds and samples. Starting off in Bands as a guitarist and drummer he soon caught the bug for music production and manipulating sounds with technology. Living in Bristol heavily influenced his sound and style. Starting to listen to the likes of Portishead and Tricky while also engaging in the nightlife scene and becoming a local DJ. Bass heavy beats and overcast skylines started to inhabit every essence of his music. He then met producers of a like mind and started making beat based music and competing in hip hop beat battles all over the country getting into the finals most recently in the 2016 Boom Bap festival where he was bested only by his housemate. Yogi’s music comes from a deep appreciation of 90s trip hop, hip-hop and sampled beats. While this is always at the forefront of his musical listening the creation is driven by a much more modern aesthetic to music using a mixture of analogue equipment, PCs and samplers to create gritty but tight productions. It was shortly after moving to Bristol he met Trickster queen, a vocalist from Romania with a unique style, and started to work on projects together. His work with Trickster Queen is simultaneously his most accomplished and least compromising. While he creates dark soundscapes with deep bass lines and desolate scenery she compliments it with a sweet tone, intense and heartfelt lyrics. Yogi and Trickster share an affinity for the darker side, the late nights and early mornings and when they create together it is like nothing else they work on.
Trickster Queen (Greta Bencea) 22, originally from Romania, studies Cinematography at Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography. She started her musical journey with a CoLab alongside Yogi Beats(UK) in 2015, for the track ”Deep Sleep” (unreleased yet). In the same year she worked with Chris Fern(US),for the track named “Street Groove”.Another CoLab with Bane(UK)- “Crumpets ìhas been integrated in a collection of various artists at the label ”Infra Tribez”,in the memory of beloved Cris Fen: “Various Artists-Sound System Culture Vol.1 (INFRA001),being promoted by FKOF, a,Holland based label. Her fourth CoLab gave birth to the track “Need to Live” signed by The Dream Diggers (RO) alongside Anca Vivaca & Vapor, released in 2015,with the album “Fear is a Lie


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