Unno – Silence EP(Stream)

For several years, the trio Unno has been drawing a unique sonic path.Brought to light by Nowadays Records «I, their first EP with the label, uncovers a DNA of electronic experimentations and warm vocals.
When they’re not together, the three members explore their own universes.François as «Awir Leon», with hisalbum «Giants », Joachim as « J.Kid»and Abraham as «Tismé», each ofthem bringing their own stone to thevery organic building they’ve beenconstructing for almost 10 years, underthe flag of their artist collective Jayfly.

A constant evolution that comes through their new ep « Silence », a cohesion of jazz, 90’s rap, electronica, and this unique touch of theirs that allows the band to navigate between styles and avoid obvious labels.

Unlike its title, « Silence » steps further into dense electronic textures, that could be related to Jamie XX or Bon Iver, an ever-expanding panel that puts together efficient pop items (Sirens) with more cinematic moods (Lions) or introspective ones (Thousand Islands). A skillfully balanced work, « Silence » provides the perfect door to their debut album, scheduled for autumn 2017.



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