7 Years Redlight EP I&II (Redlight Music)


Redlight turns 7 years old. And as part of the celebration the Berlin based label is releasing 2 Various Artists releases with some of the hottest tracks ever released in Redlight.
Denite, Max Duke, Andy Bros, Ardan Bel and Jose Rodriguez are the 5 names that take part in this 7 Years Redlight I.
The release is opening with a remix from the Italian tag-team NICe7 (Noir Music / D-Floor),who remix De- nite’s Sundance. The duo offer up their acid-house vision of the original track with an evolving acid-soaked bass loop and shuffling drums.
Next up is How Do I Feel by the French artist Max Duke (Work And Consume). A Deep House master piece with an orchestral background and moody groove and very catchy vocals.
Following is Unsolite Armonie 1 by the Italian talent Andy Bros (Diynamic). Where he shows his hardest face with this melodic techno trip. On number four we find Ardan Bel that boats an atmospheric House tune that is growing up along the tune.
And closing the record is Pingala, form the Spanish artist José Rodriguez. A stylish, groovy and straight dark Tech House tune.

RELEASE DATE: 2017-03-28
Denite – Sundance (NiCe7 remix)
Max Duke – How Do I Feel
Andy Bros – Insolite Armonie 1
Ardan Bel – Ganshi
Jose Rodriguez – Pingala
The second issue of “7 Years Redlight” opens with the great track from the Italian producer Andy Bros (Diynamic). A Deep House masterpiece with some slow tempo beats and epic synths. Second position is Karmon (Diynamic) remix of ‘Welcome to Berlin’. A classic track with huge bass and atmospheric synth melodies. Following is the remix of ‘Fresh Chords’ by Plastikkid by the Spanish talent The Liquid Mirror. He delivers a sublime vision of the original track, with a cosmic guitar sampler that gets you from the very first notes and a huge synth bass and percussion groove. Closing the release is the original track ‘Any Love’ from the English artist Yarni. A House tune with a steady minimal groove and a deep soul.

RELEASE DATE: 2017-04-04
Andy Bros – Insolite Armonie 3
Electric G – Welcome to Berlin (Karmon remix)
Denite & The Liquid Mirror – Again (Ian Metty Club Mix)
Plastikkid – Fresh Chords (The Liquid Mirror’s Ibiza Remix)
Yarni – Any Love


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