Cucumb45 -Slysó EP5 Cyclops í poka

Fresh off the back of his debut as Cucumb45, Bjarki presents another outstanding release. ‘Slysó EP5 Cyclops í poka’ is a 5-track, vinyl only EP on bbbbbb records, the label he runs alongside Johnny Chrome Silver.

Whilst the recent ‘Something Weirdcore’ challenged our understanding of genre, the latest release takes things further, playing with our perception of acoustic space.

Immersive textures are introduced without warning, just as quickly as they are withdrawn, never to be heard again. From the nostalgic harmonies of ‘Cyxlobblobs5’ to the unnerving glitches of the title track, high velocity drums of ‘Aqua Elba’ and mangled juke patterns of ‘CATpitchd5’, the EP darts its way through a range of new territories without hesitation.

Never one to conform, Cucumb45 rejects familiar structures, rapidly jumping between ideas whilst manipulating the physical properties of his sound.

28 April 2017 / bbbbbb
A1 Cyxlobblobs5
A2 Cyclops í poka
B1 Aqua Elba
B2 CATpitchd5
B3 B.U.S.Y


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