Maral Salmassi , D_Func. (aka Alexander Kowalski) reveals Coils on Konsequent Records


Maral Salmassi and D Func. aka Alexander Kowalski come together to celebrate their comeback on Konsequent Records – Maral’s first record label launched in 1997 in Cologne. In the early years, Konsequent was home to some of the first releases by Alexander Kowalski who was signed at the tender age of 20, starting to release under the names D Func and DisX3 on Konsequent Records and Tresor in the 90s.
This release is also a celebration of their techno music background, rooted deep in the 90s but flavoured with hints of more contemporary dark ambient vibes and comes with two remixes by the UK techno doyens Mark Broom and Inigo Kennedy.
The title track Coils showcases both artists’ hallmarks – Kowalski’s big drums and rolling bass paired with Salmassi’s playful synth modulation and expert layering.
The second track – Patter Abstraction is a hypnotic anthem with a fluid synth motif – exploring the darker realms of sci-fi techno. It balances sturdiness and introspection, unleashing the energy of the chords gradually riding the heavy groove, fitting the track into a dramatic structure arrangement with great tension.
Inigo Kennedy – known for his methodically surgical approach – upholds his reputation and abstracts “Pattern Abstraction” beyond recognition. Fragments of the original sample wend around the kick and spitting snares – diving up and down in granular haze – building up neatly to peak in an epic soul shattering spiral breakdown.
Mark Broom’s remix of “Coils” has a more old school vibe- masterfully stripping down the original to its skeleton, pairing the heavy rolling 909 drums and toms with a classic four-on-the-floor clap pattern, garnished with fragments of the original synth sample.
19 May 2017/ Konsequent Records
01. Coils
02. Pattern Abstraction
03. Pattern Abstraction (Inigo Kennedy Remix)
04. Coils (Mark Broom Remix)


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