Introducing:Michaela May /Watch: You & I(Video)


Michaela May is a Toronto based artist and songwriter paving a way for herself based on her infectious songwriting and strength of message. She has an innate knack for tackling relevant, relatable content with sparkling melodic hooks. Her music is catchy but meaningful, infectious but relevant; Michaela May represents a new type of pop artist…
Michaela’s lead single “1954” from her debut EP gained commercial radio in Canada and she was the only fully-independent pop artist at radio amongst all the major label stars. She also caught the attention of pop bloggers around the world deeming “1954” a pop smash and Michaela May as ‘an artist to watch.’ Michaela also struck a chord with pop lovers all over the globe with her retro-pop second single, “Lights Out,” produced by Tom Diesel, co-written by May. Now, Michaela released her third single, ‘You & I” off of her debut EP.
You & I is one of my favourite songs off the EP. The song is about being blindsided by the ultimate betrayal by your partner. It’s my most vulnerable song to date and I wanted to show people this side of me. I wanted to create an emotional, sad song but juxtapose the sadness with hyper melodic production. And similarly to 1954, I wanted to display a certain amount defiance and strength in the lyrics that let’s the listener know that no matter how you have been hurt, you will always be ok.
Video was shot around a wind farm in the desert, finds me abandoned after a tough breakup. Left alone, I had to come to terms with the dissolution. The scenes play a perfect counterpoint to the upbeat, 80s influenced pop of You & I. Gorgeously shot, the video shows the resilience it takes when faced with a difficult situation. The isolation bringing on moments of clarity, while the shimmering production envelopes me in pure pop bliss“.

As Michaela moves towards the release of her debut EP and her debut merchandising line, she continues to reinvent and innovate the traditional idea of a ‘pop artist’. She is fully independent, self managed, self funded, with her own label and publishing company. Michaela isn’t just an artist…she is a songwriter, label owner and creative director; redefining what it means to be a ‘pop artist’ in 2017.


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