The Madrigal — Spring

Few tunes conjure up an atmosphere as perfectly as this one: wallowing in the Spring, getting sloshed!

Rich smouldering vocals float by as Celtic melodies strum on playful guitars. Hawaiian slide notes shine against a dark undercurrent of growling synths. Dreamy lyrics effortlessly walk the line between the dark and comical.

Nothing else we’ve heard sounds quite like this… it’s musical soul food.

And the dream just got darker in the Dub. Jim Breese has stripped everything back to its absolute heady essentials. The glorious vocals have been burnished and stretched out, the gaps between the words left yawning wide enough to fall into. The groove has slackened even further, it’s opened up, and deepened. There’s something almost sinister here… This is music pouring through from another dimension.

The Madrigal have got Spring all fathomed out; lets drink some wine and waste some time – sounds like heaven to us.


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