Sky Dance feat. Lys – Emotions (Official Audio)


Everything blooms in Spring: romance, feelings and music!
Sky Dance, the international duo formed by two talented producers who speak to the public through their musical creations for more than 10 years, chose Spring to release an exciting new track: “Emotions”!
Shortly after the release of their previous single “Stay”, featuring Eneli, Sky Dance decided it was time to bring some emotions to their fan’s favourite playlists and gifted them with yet another touching song.
“Emotions” is their third single, but their sound and personal touch is already easily recognised throughout Europe.
For this song, the duo collaborated with Lys, whose voice had previously enchanted in the “Drums” single with AlexUnder Base.
The single puts the spotlight on a critical point in the life of any couple, the rhythm of the song making it clear it’s all about the feelings that brought the love story to life.
Positive vibes and a unique combination of sounds are Sky Dance’s trademark, transforming the song in a relaxing yet playful tune.
The talented producers are currently busy bees producing new tunes to conquer the playlists all over the world!
To be continued with great new tunes!


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