Watch:J F L E – Shy Lovers

South-east London based experimental artist J F L E returns following the release of his single ‘Laid to Rest’, with the exhilarating new track ‘Shy Lovers’ out now.

J F L E aka Joey Edwards has channelled pent up frustration and personal confusion into three minutes of catharsis, resulting in a single full of elating tension; one that calls to mind the sound of Atoms for Peace and Metronomy. The single begins with a jaunty, distorted drum beat against light synth chords, sounding unashamedly lo-fi as Joey’s whispered vocals flood in. Pressure starts to build as vocals become stronger, watching it unfold as Joey sings “all bad feelings free to grow, electrocute slow”. The song journeys through several scenes of tension to the point of bursting through to its eventual chaotic unraveling, where little remains familiar or recognisable.

Speaking on the single Joey says, “For me the most exciting thing about this track is it’s so full of energy and tensions, it feels like it could fold in on itself at any moment. I see the whole thing as a violent implosion, waiting to happen”.


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