Heartthrob, Justin Cudmore- Intersection on 25 May

‘Intersection’ is the fourth release from Jesse Siminski’s label ISNISNT, he welcomes Berlin based Red Rack’em and Brooklyn based Justin Cudmore as the first outside artists to contribute.

Heartthrob’s title cut is sweeping and melodic, a sophisticated take on electro and a nod to early Detroit techno, Warp records and Miami bass.

Red Rack’em’s track ‘Wonky Bassline Banger’ was one of last years biggest selling house records. He follows up his successful 2016 with the remix for ‘Intersection’, re-working the track into a tougher dance floor beat. Rack’em’s signature swagger and production details repositions the main melody motifs into a funky tour de force.

With Justin Cudmore’s debut release ‘Crystal’ airing last year on Honey Soundsystem, the ascendant producer and Bunker NY affiliate’s track ‘Bagel (Bite Mix)’ is a house tune rooted in Chicago’s raw, hypnotic roots. Tense synths and warm strings build steadily around minor keys and soulful vocal samples.

Back to finish of the EP, label head Heatthrob provides a bumping acid house interpretation of ‘Bagel’. Jacking and sizzling with drums, he rounds off the collection with caustic attitude.

The vinyl release features artwork by celebrated New York artist Billy Sullivan.

25 May 2017 / ISNISNT
01. Heartthrob – Intersection
02. Heartthrob – Intersection (Red Rack’em Remix)
03. Justin Cudmore – Bagel (Bite Mix)
04. Justin Cudmore – Bagel (Heartthrob Remix)


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