Watch:Wy – Bathrooms

Long-time lovers Wy stands out like a diamond in the rough in the midst of the occurring comeback of the dream pop genre. The duo combines mellow instrumentation with attitude and desperation – incisive guitar melodies in combination with Ebba‘s powerful vocals make their songs swiftly shift between a feeling of dejection and hope.

With their floating synthesizers and melancholic guitars Wy do sad pop music where bare emotions are camouflaged by reverbed pop melodies. This young duo serves up a taste of tears in heaven.

With their debut-EP “Never Was” they gave a glimpse of the deep emotion that lays ground for their contemporary sound. Their upcoming first full-length LP “Okay” will seek to arouse even deeper emotions, with the duo continuing their exploration of the doubt and confusion of being a 20-something today.

Preserving their sound, but in a well-groomed manner, the first single “Bathrooms” from their upcoming album surely will touch some of your inner areas that you might have forgotten about.


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