Frenship – 1000 Nights(Video) + Summer Dates

There’s a strong contrarian streak in FRENSHIP, the Los Angeles-based duo of James Sunderland and Brett Hite. James grew up in Colorado and relocated to LA after 4 years of college studying production, where he was part of a DJ duo that didn’t work out. Brett grew up in Spokane, Washington with a passion for soccer. An injury led him to discover a burgeoning interest in music and he began to play coffee shops and small venues after college as a singer/songwriter.

Brett and James met while working retail in LA and began to realize they each brought something to the table musically that the other could appreciate. They describe their hypnotic production as a combination of the twosome’s affection for 80s-styled pop.

The duo signed on with Columbia Records and subsequently released their debut EP, Truce, in September 2016.

When talking about the video the duo states, “We originally had the idea for the video out on a camping trip in Stanley, Idaho. We had just received the song back from mastering and took the first listen on the shore of Lake Stanley at the base of McGown Peak. This place inspired the idea, look and feel for the 1000 Nights video. With the idea in place we sought out a director that could fully capture beautiful shots outdoors and filmmaker Matt Kleiner perfectly fit the bill for this. The video was shot at Diablo Lake in Washington State.” The ‘Truce’ EP is out now on Columbia.

Upcoming tour dates:
05.13 – Index Fest – Austin, TX
06.02-06.04 – Bunbury – Cincinnati, OH
06.23 – Boom Boom – Thornville, OH
06.23-06.25 – Bonanza – Heber City, UT
08.04 – Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL
08.11-08.13 – Outside Lands – San Francisco, CA
10.20-10.22 – Lost Lake Festival – Phoenix, AZ


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