Watch the Vasilisa Forbes directed video for Jimpster’s new single ‘Crave’

Jimpster serves up the video for Crave, the first single from his forthcoming Silent Stars LP.

Featuring vocals from hotly-tipped Londoner Florence Rawlings, Crave is an emotionally charged electronic torch song guaranteed to get inside your head from the very first listen. The spacey chords and punctuating string stabs bring hints of the 80’s to mind whilst Florence’s gentle vocals float delicately above the track.

Directed by London fashion photographer and film director Vasilisa Forbes, the video for Crave is a brooding fantasy tale, a female-sexuality focused revenge story told through the female gaze, a key topic of Forbes’ work who explains – “The darkness and tense rhythmic quality of ‘Crave’, along with the loss-tinged lyrics, lent the atmosphere a cold, robotic quality. The constant, metronome-like beat meant the subject had to be clock-work: a robot, clock-work doll or wind-up machine, with a dark inner life.”

Crave is out now, with remixes by legendary UK producer Atjazz as well as Paris’ rising star Flabaire.


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