Watch:Archivist – Wild Hope

Ahead of their anticipated second EP ‘MEMO’, London-based alternative electronic outfit Archivist returns with ‘Wild Hope’, a harmony of moody and glowing electronica.

With an indie electronica sound recalling Kid A-era Radiohead and Gorillaz, ‘Wild Hope’ blends a beautiful palette of silky analogue sounds with haunting vocals, in a track which surges with alternating tension and bliss.

The glitchy video starts with a view across a school playground in Deptford. The dusky video footage has an atmosphere of entrapment, enclosed in the confines of an abandoned Victorian school – with contrasting psychedelic overlays and images of an artist’s blank canvas. Ed explains… “I was living in this crumbling old school in Deptford, without any heating or creature comforts save the mice… just writing the record. It was quite grim at times but at the same time I found hope there. I wanted to capture the idea that hope can be found in the darkest and seemingly most hopeless of places or situations if it needs to be”.


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