Listen:Kendl-For Her 

“For Her” is the first single to be unveiled from his forthcoming Colours EP, a five-track body of work that will consist of a quintet of musical ideas representing everything Kendl cherishes about the music that remains his saving grace in life.

There is nothing conventional about Kendl; he strives to create, not to imitate. From moody ballads to floor-filling festival tunes, Kendl focuses on breathing life into music by way of emotive melodies, intricate percussion, and eclectic arrangements. When it comes to writing music, he places an emphasis on ‘the change of sound overtime and how it affects the listener’ as a principle, exploring musical ideas and textures that the majority of the modern producers of today tend to neglect. The sky is the limit for this visionary. With a dynamic live setup and a catalogue of developing releases, Kendl is an artist that needs to be on your radar now .

About Kendl:
Jesse Kendal, AKA Kendl is a forward-thinking artist whose purpose is to create music that not only sounds timeless but also feels everlasting.
Kendl expresses himself most articulately through music and his productions are designed to take you through a whirlwind of life-changing emotion and thought. So much can be expressed within three minutes and he ensures every second is meticulously fine-tuned to audiophiliac perfection. Although a song is what the general public remembers, the sounds are what give the song its ear- tingling texture, depth and soul.
If Kendl can pique emotions with just a sound imagine what he can create with a song.
His upcoming debut EP will portray his emotive aesthetic with bone chilling soundscapes and intricate percussion that heighten the sonic characteristics and authentic human presence in sound. It consists of a variety of musical expressions that range from moody ballads to floor filling bangers. Inspired by the sounds of Bonobo, Jamie XX, SBTRKT, Flume, Burial and Koreless, you can expect sincere artistic expression through the culmination of a delicate arrangement of sounds.


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