Sky Dance Feat. Emanuelle “Black And Blue”

Sky Dance is releasing “Black and Blue”, a new collaboration with a mesmerizing female voice – Emanuelle.

Over 10 years of experience in the music industry came together in creating this project, that has behind it two internationally renowned producers that want to change the landscape of the local electronic music scene.

“Black and Blue” it’s just the fourth song released by the project. The collaboration with Emanuelle follows the “recipe” of their latest releases such as “Stay”, composed alongside Eneli ( also known as the voice on the hit song “Mhm Mhm”) followed by “Emotions”, a feauturing with Lys (known for her collaboration with Alexunder Base on “Drums” ).

Written alongside Emanuelle, expresses a moment which we’re sure everyone found themselves in at some point, when no matter how hard it gets, if you really love each other you won’t give up.” – Sky Dance


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