Radu Almasan “Taj Mahal”(Video)

Radu Almasan, known for his long tenure as the lead singer and main composer for the famous latino-rock band Bosquito is ready for his next step in his career.

The artist behind many chart topping hits during the band’s 17 years history is realeasing “Taj Mahal” today, his first solo single.

If throughout Bosquito’s career the artist paid a homage to latino and balcanic rock, Radu’s solo project draws inspiration from traditional American folk, mixed with gospel and electronic music.

During the 7 years break in Bosquito’s career, Almasan relocated to America where he formed Madame Hoolingan, an indie-rock band that toured the States.

The band regrouped in 2011 just in time to open for Shakira’s concert in Bucharest. Due to the positive feedback received from the public and the media, the group decided to release a new album, promoted by 3 main singles.

Unlike the band first tenure, Radu Almasan and Bosquito have a more underground sound nowadays, with the band’s main focus being on live appearances.


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