Andy Bach – Understand It

Society 3.0 proudly presents the remixes from the incredible good house track “Understand It” by Andy Bach, released on Cr2 Records in december. With four classy remixes from our favourite artists – Forteba (Plastic City, Kompakt), Soul Minority (Kolour Recordings, Dutchie Worldwide), Sinan Kaya (Deep Site Vinylized, Cyanide) and Tuneon (Piston Recordings, Simma Black).

As someone who’s been on the DJing circuit since the mid-90s (plus also noted as the head-honcho over at Young Society Records), it’s clear that Andy Bach has become a force to reckon with as one of Europe’s finest. Nestled within Cr2’s superb Cr2 Trax EP – Vol. 3 compilation, out since dec 16, Understand It with its remixes now has all the positive feels that surrounded early disco-house. Catchy Stabs and Vocals, and you’ve got grooves here that can’t fail to put a smile on your face.

1. Andy Bach – Understand It (Forteba Remix)
2. Andy Bach – Understand It (Soul Minority Rework)
3. Andy Bach – Understand It (Sinan Kaya Remix)
4. Andy Bach – Understand It (Tuneon Remix)


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