Masaya – Picking Up The Pieces {The Editions}

The final act unfolds. Chapter 24 serves up a powerful 13 track album that finds a wealth of originals from Masaya’s debut, Picking Up The Pieces, getting the Editions treatment by top artists including Ripperton, Petar Dundov, Patrice Baumel, Johannes Brecht and many more. They make for essential listening.

Release Date:June 9th, 2017
1) Masaya – Walking Dad {Kurt Baggaley Edition}
2) Masaya – Haumea {Love over Entropy Edition}
3) Masaya – Flow Of Tears {Ripperton Edition}
4) Masaya – Innocence {Nhar Edition}
5) Masaya – Borderline {Neil Flynn’s Reduction Edition}
6) Masaya – Picture {Petar Dundov Variation}
7) Masaya – Innocence {David Durango Edition}
8) Masaya – Haumea {Patlac Edition}
9) Masaya – Borderline {Johannes Brecht Edition}
10) Masaya – The Backstage {VVerses Space Edit}
11) Masaya – Borderline {Patrice Baumel Edition}
12) Masaya – Inside {Malbetrieb & THC Edition}
13) Masaya – Time Goes Fast {Paul Nolan Edition}


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