Alan Fitzpatrick – You Got Me with Slam Remix on We Are The Brave

Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave brand has well and truly landed. Their debut sold-out club shows, held over one weekend at the end of March were preceded by three barmy house parties live broadcast from the homes of fans, and a host of well received singles have now come and gone, setting the tone for followers to expect the unexpected from the label with their self styled motto of We Do What We Want.

It is then with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders and poker face glare that We Are The Brave dish out their latest offering, ‘You Got Me’. As Fitzpatrick goes on to explain:

Brave will always be the most natural home for my music, whether it be a familiar style to listeners or not. The whole point is that we are building an excitement around the music being released by not following a particular pattern or pandering to expectation. Hopefully I’ve made the point over the first three releases that We Are The Brave is about going with a flow and not letting preconceptions limit your experience, so its about time we released a good old Fitzpatrick rave banger, init!

Even the most fleeting of listens to the intro of thumping kick drums, precision crafted percussion and thunderous claps will give a strong clue that Fitzpatrick is back at the controls this time out. By the time the cut is in full throttle just after the two-minute mark then you can sense the knowing looks starting to shoot about the room as the familiar feeling grows. Luckily for anyone still unsure, all doubt is cast off at the half way point when the rave pads and breakbeats rip on from nowhere followed in hot pursuit by the “classic” Emmanuel Top “Play It Loud” you got me burning up vocal.

Alan Fitzpatrick plays B2B with Slam at Riverside Festival Glasgow on Saturday May 27th followed by Slam guesting at We Are The Brave after party @ SWG3 later that evening in the same city (Tickets)


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