Dan Balan “Hold On Love”(Video)

The Grammy-nominated artist is releasing today “Hold On Love”, his newest single.

Commenting on the leaked photos of Dan Balan dressed as a priest that circulated the press this past week, the artist confirmed that he was, in fact, shooting a new music video for his single “Hold On Love”.

The music video, which shows Dan Balan taking the streets of New York as a priest who reveals the “real face” of the people he encounters, was shot by the famous Ukrainian director Alan Badoev.

Dan Balan is a famous singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Moldova, being the country first and only Grammy-nominated, after the smash-hit “Dragostea din tei” ( the “Numa Numa” song) was sampled by Rihanna and T.I on the hit-single “Live Your Life”.

Balan achieved worldwide fame with his band O-Zone after their single “Dragostea din tei” topped the Eurochart Hot 100 for 12 weeks, winning the Echo Award for “Single of the Year”, alongside various nominations at the MTV EMA’s. Following the band’s dismissal, the artist moved to L.A. in order to work on his debut album.

The end result was “Crazy Loop”, an unexpected alter-ego inspired by Balan’s lesser known side, that released “The Power of Shower”, an album that propelled 2 singles: “Crazy Loop” & “Johanna, Shut Up!”. In 2009, O-Zone’s hit single was sampled by Rihanna and T.I. on “Live Your Life”, a song that topped the Billboard charts and earned Balan a Grammy nomination.Ending the Crazy Loop chapter, Dan Balan launched the hit single “Chica Bomb” under his real name, managed to enter the top 10 in the Uk Dance Charts, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Greece and Romania. The follow-up, “Justify Sex”, took the public by surprise with its raunchy music video, directed by Bob Dylan’s son, Jesse Dylan.He continued to achieve success in both Romania and Russia with his singles “Freedom” “Lendo Calendo”, a collaboration with Tany Vander and Brasco.

On Europe’s Day 2017, Balan reunited with his former band-mates for two concerts in Chisinau and Bucharest.


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