Heavy Handed – Small Beginnings/Nina on Lagoon

Heavy Handed is an alias of Lagoon mystery man A Most Wanted Man. He is Canadian, very talented and a man of very few words. All we know is his talent crosses genres, and the guy is offering up amazing demo’s for all of our enjoyment.

Small Beginnings:
Acid, acid, acid! Bubbling along with intense power and drive, this first track off Lagoon Recordings third installment by Heavy Handed is their nastiest output to date, (in a good way of course). Showing that Lagoon do what they promised and cross the lines between house, disco and techno. Small Beginnings certainly doesn’t feel small for the punch it packs. Play with caution.

In a similar vein to Small Beginnings, this is possibly a tribute to Miss Kraviz herself, although Heavy Handed likes to keep us guessing (even Lagoon themselves). Acid, huge bass, acid, soothing chords and more acid. Both tracks offer solid sounds that will light up any dark room or festival.

1) Small Beginnings
2) Nina


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