Listen:Girlhood’s new single ‘Together’

After the R&B inflected pop of their first two singles ‘My Boy’ and ‘Say It’, London-based duo Girlhood have returned with their most sonically sophisticated cut yet, ‘Together’

Bookended by a hyper-infectious sample, the track captures the essence of Italo house and 80s hip hop from the outset – building a rhythm with low-end heavy kicks and pitched up vocals. Singer Tessa Cavanna leads a rich blend of punchy basslines, dynamic horns and an upbeat percussive line that invokes the spirit and attitude of 90s pop jams past while bringing them firmly into the present.
The result is a robust example of UK alt R&B that sounds as driving as it is positive – fusing a mixture of styles from across the current landscape of music as well as drawing on their influences to create something bold, imaginative and maintaining Girlhood’s status as one of 2017’s fastest rising acts.


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