Minelli debut single Empty Spaces(Stream)

After two collaborations with Vanotek, Minelli releases her first single “Empty Spaces”.

“Empty Spaces” is a fresh song, with a cool sound, which caught the attention for the first listen.The song was composed by Minelli with Marco&Seba and produced by Vlad Lucan.

Marco&Seba composed most of INNA’s songs “Sun is Up”, “Hot”, “Diggy Down” and for other international artists like AKON “Hypnotized” and Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj “Bom Bidi Bom”, from the soundtrack of “Fifty Shades Darker”.

Vlad Lucan worked with INNA for “Diggy Down”, “Tot mai sus” – Guess Who and Marius Moga, “Manifest” – Guess Who, Lukone “Electronic Symphony”. He collaborated with international songwriters and producers such as Thomas Troelsen, Sam Martin, Breyan Isaac, Bryn Christopher, Corey Chorus, Tom Aspaul.


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