Knarly Knob – Remeo EP


Tech house, percussive synthesisers, dreaming atmospheres, mellow yet determined groovy beat. This is what ‘Remeo’, the new EP from Knarly Knob sounds like; it is strongly inspired by a certain live approach to production.
‘Remeo’ leans on an insistent rhythmic structure in which sparkly harmonic elements are nestled as well as occasional melodic strips sticking out of the groove. Eclectic track ‘Insula’ mimics a journey starting from a quiet and dreamy land straight to progressively rich and improvised analog sounds: a rhodes and a moog which recall a trumpet solo and a grand finale of synth and guitar’s arpeggios.
‘Remeo’ (CLiVe Remix) enriches the EP. The track, which has been reinterpreted by CLiVe, Digital Traffik’s producer and A&R, is a tech-house version built for the dance floor.
Knarly Knob’s ‘Remeo EP’ interprets sunrise and sunset, the most inspired and bracing moments of the upcoming summer season.Turn the knob and follow the signal flow!
release date:June 26th, 2017
01) Knarly Knob – Remeo
02) Knarly Knob – Remeo (CLiVe Remix)
03) Knarly Knob – Insula



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