Listen:Hiatus-Celestial (feat. Charlene Soraia)

Hiatus recently released the epic video for ‘Father’, and now he’s dropped another track from the forthcoming album

I met Charlene a few years ago while playing keys in a band. She was part of an otherwise forgettable four-act night in some dingy Earl’s Court club, and arrived on stage with a guitar, a pile of hand-drawn EPs and a plastic bottle of lemonade. I fell under her spell immediately, entranced by her voice, her kaleidoscopic guitar playing, her songs at once beautiful and haunted by an acid-warped eeriness.” – “We’ve been friends ever since, but ‘Celestial’ is our first collaboration; it’s a love story set at the end of the world, a requiem for a dying sun, and a celebration of the fact that, against all odds, we were here to see it.” – Cyrus Shahrad (Hiatus)


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