Watch 3 new videos for Max Cooper's Chromos EP

This project began with a chat to a scientist at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, Mikhail Spivakov. His work is related to my old area of research, and he had the idea that maybe I could use some of their data to create a piece of music. So I travelled up to Cambridge to meet him and the rest of his lab group, and their collaborators, to talk about what they are doing there, and think about how it could translate to a music/visual project. We decided to focus on their research on chromosomal conformation capture, which experimentally detects points of contact between chromosomes (long strings of DNA), and then employs computational models of folding, to predict how the chromosomes are packaged up in a complex tangled bundle of strings. This process of simulated folding to create our best guess of real chromosome structure is a beautiful process, so this beauty became the focus of the project.
Max Cooper – Chromos (official video by Andy Lomas)

Max Cooper – Molten Landscapes (official video by Cornus Ammonis and Morgan Beringer)

Max Cooper – Coils of Living Synthesis (official video by Andy Lomas & Jennifer Tividad)

Max Cooper – Organa (official video by Sabine Volkert)

Max Cooper – Emergence (full album stream)


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