Westerman shares brand new music – 'Roads'


Westerman is here to calm your mind, with his brilliant new track ‘Roads’ – due for release on Blue Flowers as part of a 3 track EP later this year, which has been produced by long-term friend and highly esteemed London producer Bullion.
Little is known of Westerman – the remarkable new voice that arrived last year, wooing people with his soothing and heartfelt lyrics and soft and succinct melodies. As he contemplated the world he found himself in, Westerman attempted to make sense of it through the simplicity, balance and truth in his music.
Now he steps forward again with new song ‘Roads’ – another beautiful track that picks up his musings perfectly; it’s as mesmerizingly solemn as it is strangely uplifting, once again offering his listeners a rare moment of quiet reflection in a world of noise and commotion.


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