Tor Releases Full 'Blue Book Remixed' Album via Emancipator's Loci Records


Tor’s much awaited, fully re-worked Blue Book Remixed album is finally available through Emancipator‘s label, Loci Records. Listeners can expect a completely new ambient experience with each track as a different artist, such as Loci’s Frameworks, Lapa and others, share their renditions of tunes from Tor’s eclectic original album. This new collection is sure to give fans some enhanced perspective into the similar but highly unique processes and sounds of Loci Records as a whole.

Full Tracklist:
1. Edamame — Tor – Intro (Edamame’s rework)
2. Nym — Loop Theory (Nym Remix)
3. Emancipator — Tor – Days Gone (Emancipator Remix)
4. Loci Records — Tor – Vaults (Frameworks Remix)
5. Lapa — Tor – Aeris (Lapa Remix)
6. CloZee — Tor – Two Suns (CloZee Remix)
7. 9 Theory — Tor – Aura Lore (9 Theory Remix)
8. MA/AM — Tor – Myth (MA/AM Remix)
9. BlockheadNYC — Sunyata (Blockhead Remix)
10. little people — Tor – Cymbol (Little People Remix)


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