Summer Sol II (Sol Selectas)


The new Sol Selectas release titled Summer Sol II, is a collection of tracks from around the globe. The twenty three track compilation features music from the likes of UNER, Be Svendsen, Armen Miran plus many of the labels’ favourite artists, and some fresh new faces.
The music on this release takes influence from the folk law of many different cultures, and fuses it with contemporary electronic beats. Blending melodic harmony with ancient rhythms, the tracks are intricate with mystic vibes, and a subtle euphoria that’s blissfully uplifting and perfect for the summer.
Last year’s Summer Sol compilation topped sales charts in several genres on Beatport, spawning a number of summer anthems, and this year the label has put together its strongest package to date.
Because of the mammoth size of this epic release, the label has selected eight of the lead tracks to provide a bite size snippet aimed to wet appetites and build excitement for the main event of the full twenty three track release.
Release date June 21st, 2017- The 1st Day of Summer
1. Nicola Cruz – Baile del Nahual
2. Sabo & Billy Caso – Doctor
3. Uner – The Sound of Sand feat. Ido Segal
4. Dandara & Meraki – Fire
5. Zakir – Vestido De Lunares
6. Rodrigo Gallardo – En El Valle De La Sombra
7. Noema – The Story of My Love
8. Be Svendsen – The Voice of Tohe
9. Nico Sun – Moon Gaze
10. Alexey Union – Almathea
11. KMLN – Kurava
12. Armen Miran – Nani Jan
13. Definition – Orient
14. Amentia – Toucan
15. Thomaz – Saladin
16. Timboletti – Most Busride
17. Mula – El Molina feat. Laura Romero
18. Bloem – iziBongo feat. Sadhu Sensi
19. Maga, Zone+ & Usif – Maori
20. Sidirum – La Rosa
21. Heimat – Tribe
22. Yør Kultura – Roots of Wisdom
23. Lemurian – Blessed
The artwork by Helia Jamali visualizes this cosmic trip around the world. Join us as we dive into a summer of unity.


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