Elvana Gjata – Forever Is Over (Produced by David Guetta)(Video)

Watch Elvana Gjata’s single “Forever Is Over” Produced by David Guetta

Singer and songwriter Elvana released her new single Forever is over.In Albania, the name Elvana is synonymous with talent, glamour and amazing pop music. As the most popular artist in the Balkans, she has captivated and delighted her wide reaching fan base since 2001. Elvana’s musical appeal extends to European and US listeners.

The single is a collaboration with renowned songwriter Poo Bear, who has written double platinum songs for artists like Justin Bieber, Usher, 112 and Ludacris. His current releases with Justin Bieber, “Despacito”, “I’m The One” and “2U” are at the top of iTunes top 100. Grammy Award winning DJ, producer and songwriter David Guetta whose current hit with Justin Bieber, “2U” is heating up the charts – produced “Forever Is Over.”

Elvana is undeniably one of the most talented and skilled artist that I’ve ever worked with in my career!!!! Her vocal control, soul and spirit combined make a voice that resonates through all frequencies and I can’t wait for the world to hear “Forever is Over!” says Poo Bear when asked about working with Elvana.

The epic music video for “Forever is Over” allows Elvana to shine. Against the backdrop of a post apocalyptic world, Elvana rides a striking black horse across a desolate desert landscape. The tone and visuals of the video reflect the lyrics of the song. Elvana’s effortless vocals on “Forever is Over” fully impart the emotion of loss and longing. Backed by the upbeat elements of the production, the new single is an anthem for standing strong through hard times.

“Forever Is Over” is out today and available on all major platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

About Elvana

Elvana Gjata, known in her native Albania simply as Elvana, is unarguably the most popular singer/songwriter in the Balkans. Her career started in 2001, and she has gone on to release more than 50 singles and 2 albums. The multi-talented artist is also a winner of “Dancing With the Stars Albania”. Currently, Elvana, The Albanian Diva, is collaborating with award winning songwriter Poo Bear and renowned producer David Guetta on English language songs. Her album will be released later this year. For updates on future releases and performances follow her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/elvanagjatazyrtare), Twitter (@gjataelvana) and Instagram (@elvanagjataaaa).

“Forever Is Over“

Verse 1 :

Been going back and forth in my mind
Tryna reading between the lines
When the flame burns out , will you leave (ohh)
Or will you find a new fire to ignite

Pre hook:

At the end of the story
Will u be ready to start part 2
Look back on our journey
Don’t forget everything we’ve been through


When forever is over
Will you be here
When forever is over
Will you be here
Will i have your soul, in every way
Promise to love you after that day
Forever is over, will u be here

Verse 2:

You never miss home till it’s gone,(no)
So it’s best that we right all our wrongs
If you ever see the pain in my eyes
Just hold me down and it won’t be there long


When forever is over
Will you be here
When forever is over
Will you be here
Will i have your soul in every way
Promise to love you after that day
Forever is over, will u be here

When forever is over
When forever is over
Will you be here
Next to me…


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