Mr Bird & Greg Blackman-Where Did The Party Go? Ashley Beedle Remixes


Picking up where we left of with Mr Bird & Greg Blackman’s modern soul classic ‘Over Again’ (featuring the now legendary Tom Moulton remix on the very limited 12″ release), we dive into Bird & Blackman’s BBE back catalogue for a second time, emerging with another special release.

Originally released on the 2014 album ‘Low Fi Classics’, ‘Where Did The Party Go’ was produced & co-written by Steven Bird with gritty, powerful vocal performed by Greg Blackman. For the vinyl release, Ramrock Blue founder Jo Wallace enlisted the help of Ashley Beedle and production partner Darren Morris to deliver the two brand new remixes. Dropping the BPM somewhat, the North Street mix showcases Greg Blackman’s vocal dexterity to perfection over a slick 90’s R&B groove. On the ‘Stripped Back’ version, the vocals are laid bare over smooth electric piano and percussion.



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