Troels Hammer – Botswana/Girl (Mini Mix)


Listen the mini mix of Troels Hammer’s new EP ‘Botswana/Girl’
Taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Human Tree’

The Human Tree is a double album worthy of majestic Ibiza sunsets, CD1 is called The Human Tree while CD2 is a precious re-edition of Troels Hammer single Trans/For/Mation . With CD1 you are boarding for a picturesque cultural tour leading to the roots of the human species. All the tracks are written by Troels Hammer except “Mozambique” featuring Deva Premal & Miten that features a sample taken from “Gayatri Mantra” by Deva Premal and Jonas Krog at the guitar.
From start to end, you will experience the magnificent sight and peace of the African sunset. Starting with Rodrigo Sha nostalgic saxophone “Letters From Uhuru” followed by a selection of beautiful melodies that you will enjoy. One of the highlights surely is the colourful voice of Liv Naes performing Grindadráp written by Troels Hammer and Liv Noes and you’re up for a journey in the Ngong peaks in a ridge along the Great Soft Valley in southern Kenya with Troels Hammer and Michael Pfundheller instrumental “Theme From Ngong Hills”.
Visit now this crumbled place by the sea not again visited by the tourists in Mozambique through the Spanish guitar soundtrack “Sunrise at Beira Beach” performed by Jacob Gurevitsch, written by Troels Hammer, Kenneth Bager and Michael Pfundheller. After “Fishing in Sahara”, surfing with the beats of Thomas Schulz and Kenneth Bager on the “Waves Of Cape Town”, you will arrive to “Serengeti Nights” followed by another highlights of this underlying musical flavor “The Human Tree” featuring Mariana Sadovska voice and Jonas Krog guitar.
To go on with this beautiful landscape, the singing of the birds accompanied by xylophone will lead you to “Gold Coast” before this musical scenery flavour ends with “View of Wisdom” and “The Moon of Qulimane”.
You will still have beautiful feeling with CD2 that is a breathtaking musical procession that will enhance your best inner sentiment starting with an Extended version of “Azur” followed by “Madsi” performed by soprano Inner Dam Lassen just preceding the famous “Trans/For/Mation” soundtrack. Starts now enjoying the strings and pads performed by Michael Pfundheller while Thomas Schulz takes care of percussion, drums and guitar. And after some more piano, let’s experiment harmonica with Jonas Dissing in “Cold Hawaii” and the cello of Sebastian Schneider on “Birdy and Madsi”.
And CD2 will end soon like a sweet dream with the richness of piano harmonic under the name of “Black Bear” and “Lullaby” melodies.


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