Mihalis Safras – Raygun Rave EP with a Mathias Kaden remix(Released 21st July on Hot Creations)

Vinyl-only DJ Mihalis Safras makes his debut on Hot Creations with his Raygun Rave EP. Hard-hitting basslines and rolling melodies feature throughout the EP plus a ‘Paradiso’ remix from Mathias Kaden.

With an addictive and melodic bass, title track Raygun Rave is a dancefloor awakener with influence from a bygone era. One Stop to Babel is up next with bouncing bass and mesmeric synthesis, Mathias Kaden has reinvented the track on the flip, incorporating robotic synths and wavy vocals. Finally, Sagit has a muted bassline, with a springy melody throughout and a hard-hitting kick that makes an appearance halfway.

The sound is a typical Safras groove with heavy ravey beaks. When I produced it I had Hot Creations in mind and it happened…funny story is that Lee Foss came up with the EP title but fits perfectly. Let’s rave.” – Safras

Release Date:21/07/2017
Raygun Rave
One Stop To Babel
One Stop To Babel (Mathias Maden’s ‘Paradiso’ Remix)


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