Listen:Biogen – Halogen Continues


Biogen’s a different kind of musician, always travelling the road less trodden. All laws broken – no chords, no build-ups and no traditional drum patterns. Instead Biogen offers listeners fragmented shreddings, constant irritations, glitches, imbalance—and enough creative ideas to supply a whole battalion of electronic musicians. His works are full of contrast. Occasionally soft and mellow – like a cloud in trousers – Biogen would call that “sofatrance”. Other times the music’s harsh and uncompromising with uncomfortable, irrational beats and glitches – “Weirdcore” – a vast uncharted territory. Some might be tempted to connect the contrast and contradictions in his music to his long battle with manic-depressive disorder. But the disparity in his music is its strength, confounding and delighting the listener.


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