Warp Records Announces B12 "Electro-Soma" Reissues


One of Warp’s original signees B12 announce the reissue of their cult classic Electro-Soma. Originally released in the early 90’s, its gleaming surfaces, supple rhythms and utopian strings marks B12’s Electro-Soma among the most distinctive electronic albums of this time. B12 went from anonymous figures on the fringe of the dance scene to emblems of techno and IDM. The duo were also involved in the Artificial Intelligence series from which this was the fourth edition, and other releases included Aphex Twin (under the Polygon Window guise), The Black Dog and Autechre. Electro-Soma was a compilation hand picked by Warp founder Rob Mitchell from the tracks he loved on early B12 Records 12″s, with a few pieces made specifically for the album including ambient opening theme “Soundtrack of Space”
Originally inspired by punk, pirate radio, East London soca parties and above all Detroit techno, the B12 sound has inspired generations of electronic artists and the tracks are still played out at underground clubs around the world.
All tracks on the reissues have been remastered from original sources and the packages include track-by-track annotation, a new essay about the early years of B12 by Ben Murphy, plus archival photos, flyers and other memorabilia from the period.

Formats and further information:
– vinyl re-press of the 1993 album Electro-Soma
– Electro-Soma II- a companion volume compiled by B12 of other early B12 Records track of same vintage, deep cuts, rarities- on vinyl for the first time
– Electro-Soma I + II anthology 2CD set with all the tracks from the 2 vinyl volumes in 1 double-disc set


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