Electrorites -Archives Vol.1 EP on Structures Records


Italy’s Electrorites, holds a promising status among techno-heads. Having released with the likes of Decoy Records, AFU Limited & Morforecs – and simultaneously running his labels: Nightmare Factory Records, Shout Records, he now brings forth his latest project, Archives Vol.1 with his new label Structures Records.
Technological/ computer-esk sound semantics make up the infrastructure of Archives Vol.1. The application of effects, whether it’s arpeggiated midis or filter distortion, adds a driving personality to each production – with the potential to not only mesmerise, but trigger primitive urges among lovers of the genre.
Accentuation of coarse factors result in a full bodied synth lead that navigates the bulk of 001. Octave separations anticipate drama and leave mood to the imagination. Whether the track is experienced as dark or uplifting, it’s sure to accelerate the energy of any early hour endeavor.
Dextral maneuvers within the detuned arpeggio emphasise an aphotic hysteria within 002. Punctuated by a throbbing kick, dark landscapes of industrial chaos are brought to mind.
Classic Layer exploitation is evident within the last production, 003. The automation of fades has been enforced in a way that teases the listener, intrinsic to the classic techno anthem.
01. Archive 001 (Original Mix)
02. Archive 002 (Original Mix)
03. Archive 003 (Original Mix)
Archives Vol.1 will be available in vinyl by the end of July.



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