Hart Thorson – Overthrow EP (Helmut Ebritsch remix) on Lucidflow

Lucidflow marches on to release number 137 with Northern California based artist Hart Thorson and ‘Overthrow’, with the A&R gaze overseas to the USA bringing in some of the swinging tech that the West Coast has been famed for over the years.
It’s straight into locked down grooves with the opener ‘Deeper Motives’, whose dub textures provide the canvas for the tight funky beat programming over the top. Lucidflow co-owner Helmut Ebritsch steps in to add a little flavour to proceedings on the remix. Mainly sticking to the original, the beats are slightly straighter but the dub tones hover further in the distance like the peal of an oncoming storm on the horizon.
The successive tracks play on the theme of laser etched beats and resonant dub, working the textures of these key motifs in different fashions. ‘Diluted Sample’ operates in low and guttural territories, title track ‘Overflow’ is more amped with the dub flavour stretched out over appropriately rubbery beats, while ‘Looking Out’ is subtle in mood and flits in sleight of hand frills and fills.
Coming out on 31st July 2017


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