Rone announces his new album ‘Mirapolis’ (Out October 20, 2017)+Tour

Michel Gondry unveiled the cover artwork of Mirapolis.
The fourth album of Rone is set to be released on October 20, 2017. The artist will unveil the first extracts of this forthcoming album this summer in a fistfull of key European festivals this summer.

One can see a portrait of Rone with a backdrop of skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, reminiscent of the architectural extravagancies of the Archigram collectives of the 1960s or the towns of the French SF writer Alain Damasio in The Outer Zone. Our superheRone, for its part, redefined in bichromic version, spread wide with purple cryptomium and psychedelic colours dazzling the viewer. The name of a citadel with ancient and enigmatic spelling can be seen, sprawling across the top : MIRAPOLIS

Michel Gondry is a French director of films and music video. He shares with Rone, a double affinity for image and sound. Since the beginning of the nineties, Gondry has been producing videos for Bjork, the White Stripes, Rolling Stones, Chemical Brothers, Beck or Daft Punk. The cult DVD collection The Work of Director which devoted a volume to the productions of Michel Gondry is one of the most cherished pieces of the film library of Rone. His feature films Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep and Be Kind, Rewind (to name but a few), adapt the big screen to Gondry’s style – resolutely singular and offbeat, shifting between modern animation technologies and vintage collage techniques.

RONE on Tour this summer and in 2017

15.07.17 ­- Dour Festival -­Dour/Belgium
19.07.17 – Paléo Festival ­- Nyon/Switerland
21.07.17 ­- La Triennale ­- Milan/Italy
05.08.17 ­- Osheaga Festival ­- Montreal/Canada
13.08.17 ­- Sziget Festival ­- Budapest/Hongary
27.08.17 – Rock En Seine ­- Paris/France
07.10.17 – Razzmatazz ­- Barcelona/Spain
20.10.17 – Fleda Club ­- Brno/Czech Republic
11.11.17 – Steel Yard ­- Londres/UK
16.11.17 – Bam – Metz/France
17.11.17 ­- Astrolabe – Orléans/France
18.11.17 – Chabada – Angers/France
22.11.17 – La Belle Electrique – Grenoble/France
23.11.17 – Gaskessel – Berne/Suisse
24.11.17 – La Rodia – Besançon/France
25.11.17 – La Laiterie – Strasbourg/France
30.11.17 – Cargo – Caen/France
01.12.17 – Le 106- Rouen/France
02.12.17 – La Carêne – Brest/France
07.12.17 – Rockstore – Montpellier/France
08.12.17 – L’étoile – Avignon/France
09.12.17 – Le Fil – Saint Etienne/France
26.01.18 – Rock School Barbey – Bordeaux/France
27.01.18 – Bikini – Toulouse/France
31.01.18 – Transbordeur – Lyon/France
02.02.18 – Liberté – Rennes/France
03.02.18 – Oasis – Le Mans/France
08.02.18 – L’autre Canal – Nancy/France
30.03.18 – Le Lieu Unique – Nantes/France


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