D. Diggler – Turbulence EP (Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri remix) 7th August on Lucidflow

Andreas Mügge returns to Lucidflow for release #138, reprising the D. Diggler moniker for the ‘Turbulence’ EP. His feet are well and truly under the table at the label, keeping the flurry of productions coming and establishing himself as a regular of the Berlin based imprint.

Known for his rubbery and percussive workouts, ‘Turbulence’ takes a slight sidestep and tells a tale with a melodic edge. On the title track, the low end rumbles while the groove is firmly locked. Yet the chime like tones of the melody have an ebb and flow to them that adds a fluidity, which sets the cut apart from idle copy and paste structure.

Similarly, although looking more towards main room material, ‘Meteor’ rumbles and tumbles in the trademark D. Diggler style, although builds with proggy twinkle that is all about the gentle shifts higher and higher. For seasoning, consummate professionals in the form of Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri are brought in on remix duties. The pair move aside the smoggy low end rumble and introduce an urgent clarity. The remix offers plenty of dynamism, slipping between phases that focus on rubbery low end before switching to cosmic twinkle.

‘Nexus’ then appropriately closes off the package. With ‘Turbulence’ setting the scene and ‘Meteor’ reaching for the ceiling, it takes tranced tinted tones and freezes them in reverb. There is a sense of being at the end of the journey, energy is retained but tension is fully released and setting the scene for another rush.

‘Turbulence’ releases on 7th August 2017, and will be available from your favourite digital storefronts.


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