Sebastian Mullaert – Samunnati (Out 04 September via Default Position

Revered Swedish producer Sebastian Mullaert, releases his first exclusive vinyl on Default Position after the huge success of his remix to “Vedanta” in 2014.

Sebastian first made his name as one half of the acclaimed duos Minilogue and Son Kite, but in recent times focuses on his solo career, which sees him appearing at clubs and festivals all over the world and releasing on some of the industry’s most respected labels and imprints.

“Samunnati” is a brand new double vinyl EP featuring four original mixes from Mulleart, with remixes from fellow Swedish duo Knutsson/Berg, Belgium’s Daniel[i] and label founder Joseph S. Joyce. Its genesis lies in a melody recorded live on Sebastian’s Roland SH101 which features as the intro to his Dance thru Shadowed Structures Mix. Some time after this mix was published, a young artist named Daniel[i] was so captivated and inspired by the melody he took it upon himself to sample it and create a twelve minute remix without, we might add, Sebastian’s prior consent! Sebastian was however very impressed with the remix and admired Dan’s bold initiative. The pair later decided to approach Default Position with an idea of turning it into a full EP.

04 September 2017 / Default Position
A1. Samunnati (The Vocal Expression)
A2. Samunnati (In That Distorted Light Mix)
B1. Samunnati (Original)
B2. Samunnati (Wa Wu We Simplification)
C1. Samunnati (Knutsson Berg Remix)
C2. Samunnati (Joseph S Joyce Remix)
D1. Samunnati (Daniel[i] Revisit)


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