Listen:Ian Randall Thornton”Who Are We”

Who Are We will be the first single released off of Ian Randall Thornton’s next album, Lineage. It is an ambitious genre melding production that seems to purposefully surprise the listener. What starts as a non-assuming acoustic track quickly gets interrupted by barbaric feeling rhythms, that barrel into the choruses, building and swelling amidst Thornton’s steadfast layered vocals; leaving you both elevated and exhilarated.

Lineage is Ian Randall Thornton’s unreleased conceptual record about family and heritage. The album’s striking cover, of Thornton’s own grandfather fighting in World War II , immediately draws you into the vast beauty and weight of this stunning work. Honest poetic song writing pairs with breath taking musical production, that swings back and forth between timeless folk traditions and modern progressive post rock, to communicate the tension between honoring the past and embracing the future; both musically and lyrically.


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