Degray – Origin Part I

Parse Audio, known for their frequent dabbling in the pool of techno avant-garde, are back with the unique sound of Degray and his new debut, Origin Part I.

This EP constructs sonic semaphores through abundant usage of each sample – whilst the sound vernacular gives way to the illusion of a post-apocalyptic arena, symbolic of abandonment and reunion. In another light, Degray’s EP could be perceived as lithified sound sediment; ambience as a matrixial nebula for order and insight, and a glimpse into the vast world of post-genre production.

Broken is a requiem for the lost and ambient; think deserted moorland and insect calls at dusk. Soft punctures through use of sub-kick and lower swells construct a menacing like apparel, whilst hushed white-noise gives width to the track.

Relying on sharp techno attacks (within the bass and percussion) and modal transitions, Into Reality abstracts the conventional electronic rhetoric and utilizes quantisation to enforce microcosmic nuances within the sturdy composition. The sound of deep breathing pushes a vision of the foothills to techno ascension.

Sparse audio variables account for the progressive nature of Origin Part I. Photocopying-like sampling and detuned pads give the track a darker persona.

Reckoning Day adheres to the logical parameters of minimalism – the idea that ornamentational constrictions can lead to a more reformed, clean cut sound. Lamenting strings and syncopated bells tell a tale of early morning closure.

01. Broken
02. Into Reality
03. Origin Part I
04. Reckoning Day


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