No Sé Leon – Colour me in

Out of tranquillity and contemplation, No SÈ Leon is reaching out once again on KHW017.
Organic meets modern.A straight and powerful kick, organic surfaces combined with orchestral elements and reverberant atmosphere.
You’ll find a melange of industrial setting and nature influences which gives impression of blurred lines.

A-Side ‘Colour me in’ surprises with its unusual adaptation and offers a lot of melodic parts but passes on cheezy stabs.

No SÈ Leons signature soundscape takes place on the B-Side ‘Benevolence’- boiled up from the same old formula.
The central theme baffles with a huge clubby kick in contrast to lovely pads and rhythmic strings.
Partly chilled and easygoing, but also festival anthem. Reminds of early Paul Kalkbrenner with a more modern leverage.


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