Fly Project – Get Wet (Video Premiere)

The most wanted party starters, Fly Project, are releasing a hot new single – GET WET – which reveals its massive hit potential after only one play.

GET WET is accomapnied by a very sexy video, shot in Miami. The music video finds Tudor and Dan surrounded by beautiful women performing a sensual choreography.

Get Wet is like a cold drink on a hot summer day, it’s a song that changes your mood and makes you enjoy life, summer, friends and life in general” – Tudor.

The song was composed in the Fly Records studios: “There is the place where all the magic happens as we’re always looking for smothing better, constantly trying to improve and challange ourselves in a creative way” – Dan.

For their female fans but not only, Tudor and Dan have a great challenge: “The Biggest Wet T-Shirts Challenge.” GET WET as you know better, share the video on Facebook and put the #GETWET hash tag, and the boys will count all uploaded videos. For details, go to


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