Tigerskin – On Dreams (Mioli Music)

Those familiar with Tigerskin’s work will not be surprised by the quality, range and depth of this EP.

Starting off ‘On Dreams’ is the Techno leaning ‘Interspace Textures’ which boasts an upbeat arpeggio, jazzy riffs and a deep spacial sci-fi vibe that will garner both curiosity and abandon from listeners. The second track ‘Chip Chop’ features playful drum programming interlaced with dreamy bells that play along with uplifting pads and blissful choir elements. ‘Percy’ continues the dream theme and places listeners in a floaty and comfortable cloud of piano laced Deep House that is reminiscent of waking up with a blissful smile. ‘The End’ is a not so obvious nod and tribute to the similarly named track from a legendary rock group, ‘The End’ satisfies sonic palettes of Techno and House selectors with it’s driving feel and deep methodical rhythms.

‘On Dreams’ features 2 remixes from Mioli Music alumni Emanate and Lily Ackerman. Emanate’s remix of ‘Chip Chop’ is a warm, summery interpretation that features an uplifting bass line, epic keys and floaty vocal effects, Emanate have done an excellent job making the track feel like a sunrise or sunset to your ears. Lily Ackerman’s remix of ‘Percy’ upholds the original tracks piano focused elements and translates them seamlessly into a deeper and more contemplative sounding endeavor that quickly induces a daydream like state.

Release Date: 18/07/17

1) Interspace Textures
2) Chip Chop
3) Percy
4) The End
5) Chip Chop (Emanate Remix)
6) Percy (Lily Ackerman Remix)


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