Riccicomoto – Terminus Noir Pt. 2 (Album Sampler) 21st August

It feels just yesterday that Riccicomoto put out his debut album ‘Porn Fiction’ on Lucidflow. Now ‘Terminus Noir’, Enrico Regini’s follow up to the 2014 issuing, is showing all the signs of telling an even more compelling tale. Those core motifs of jazz, soul, funk and dub honed into a soundtrack-y experience, drenched in atmosphere are present once again. This second sampler from the full long player follows up the initial crop of tracks, released back in May this year.

Jumping straight in, ‘Angel’ (featuring Clarice) marries the unusual coupling of a Moroder-esque electro-disco workout and heartfelt blues vocals. It is a heady concoction that is adept at holding a dancefloor in its palm or soundtracking your morning’s headphone commute.

‘Transatlantico’ channels the strains of West Coast deep house, evoking memories of classic Charles Webster or the Guidance Records imprint. The percussion track is snappy however the melodic elements draped over the top are velvet smooth. ‘We Do What She Wants’ then harkens back to the mood of the debut album, with the house groove sliding alongside the sounds of 50’s cinema, the classic era of sci-fi and mystery.

Taking it down a notch, ‘When We Get Started Here’ goes in for classic dub territory, with cascading walls of echo, paring up live instrumentation with the familiar tones of wavetable synthesis. Similarly, ‘Time Like Dis’ (featuring Hansekind Downtempo Session) builds on a low churn, dropping in choice soul vocals. The big moment here is the un-signposted swap mid track into a delicious guitar lick and organ swell section, with the accompanying key changes absolutely tickling the ears.

Terminus Noir Part Two will be available on 21st August.


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