DJ Vadim & Blackstone new album Double Sided on BBE Music

Embarking on his musical journey way back in 1995 with self-released debut ‘Headz Ain’t Ready’, Russian trailblazer DJ Vadim has been one of the hardest working underground producers and performers on the planet ever since. Following three highly successful hip hop LPs on the brilliant Ninja Tune label, Vad first joined the BBE family in 2007, finding a perfect home for the unique, genre-blending new sounds he had been developing.

Brilliantly summed up by as “dubwise soul”, Vadim premiered his reggae-infused new style on BBE with critically acclaimed album ‘The Soundcatcher’. In the decade since, Vadim has delivered a solo album every two years on BBE, whilst simultaneously touring the world with regular collaborators Pugs Atomz and Sabira Jade as The Electric. From 2009’s U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun, through 2012’s Don’t Be Scared, to 2014’s Dubcatcher and 2015’s Grow Slow (a collaboration with vocalist Sena), it’s been an absolute joy for us here at BBE to hear Vad’s sound develop and blossom whilst desperately trying to keep up with the man’s astonishingly prolific output.

Ten years since we first met Vad, he’s back with another brilliant album entitled ‘Double Sided’, this time in tandem with American soulstress Katrina Blackstone.

Recording and touring together on and off for several years now, sonic journeyman DJ Vadim and Californian songwriter Katrina Blackstone unveil their long awaited full-length album ‘Double Sided’, released on BBE Music. After providing a pair of stellar guest appearances on Vadim’s 2014 ‘Dubcatcher’ album, Katrina Blackstone joined Vad on tour and the duo have been steadily laying down tracks ever since. Eschewing samples in favour of drum machines, guitars and a dizzying array of synths, Vadim’s compositions on ‘Double Sided’ range from dubby downtempo grooves to upbeat afro-boogie business. Katrina’s crystal clear vocals, catchy melodies and highly relatable lyrics provide the perfect foil for Vadim’s raw productions.

Katrina Blackstone has previously worked with cult artists Bluetech & Dr Israel, as well as appearing alongside Killah Priest on the sadly unreleased “Legba’s Light” project created by Ron Carter, Brian Jackson and Mike Clark. Born in Tennessee, she studied vocal performance and jazz at the prestigious New School University in New York before moving to San Francisco, where she continues to record and perform tirelessly.


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