Max Chapman – La Fiesta (August 25th on Hot Creations)

After a busy eighteen months promoting his debut album, Essex-hailer Max Chapman brings us his La Fiesta EP on Hot Creations. The title track features alongside remixes by the versatile Luca Cazal and house veteran Todd Terry.

With Latin vibes from the outset, Max has encompassed the essence of The White Isle. La Fiesta is a migration of percussion, chanting and melodic vocals and flirtatious basslines. Luca Cazal has turned up the kick and brings an old school vibe with his remix. Todd Terry’s energetic arrangement of snares and bongos compliments the provencal vocal perfectly.

A lot of the music I make just comes naturally from playing around for a few hours in the studio, but La Fiesta was a bit different as I went in with a very clear idea about what I wanted the track to sound like. I’d heard a track played at Amnesia which had an incredible Latin sample and it planted the seed of an idea in my head. It took hours to find the right vocal once I’d got home, but once I had it the rest of the track almost wrote itself” – Max Chapman


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